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Therapy Options

Cheswold’s team includes Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language
Therapists, Support Staff, Social Workers, a Teacher, a GP and a Practice Nurse.


Our team of professionals work with our patients to devise a plan of care and to outline the treatment and support
they receive. We review care plans regularly with our patients to ensure they receive the best possible level of care
at all times. Below you can see an overview of Cheswold Park’s interventions.

Cheswold Park’s Care Plan Therapies Options

Occupational Therapy

Functional assessment
Life skills interventions
Food preparation
Therapy kitchen Cleaner
Planning & organisation
Social group
Community Assessment & Treatment Therapies
Community Football
Walking Group
Access To External Agencies
Use Of Public Transport
Shop & Cook
Vocational & Real Work Opportunities
Leisure Interventions
Arts & Crafts
Sports and leisure
Animal care
Music appreciation
Media and discussion group

Sample OT Timetable

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Functional assessment: The assessment of an individual’s functioning is undertaken with the use of a range of assessments to obtain a holistic view of a patient’s skills and abilities within their chosen occupations. These assessments aim to identify patients need for intervention to develop or maintain their skills and competencies.

Food preparation: This session offers patients the opportunity to plan and prepare a meal with the aim of maintaining or developing their culinary skills. We offer healthy dietary advice to help promote patients to adopt a healthy and balanced diet.

Therapy kitchen Cleaner: This session offers patients the opportunity to develop their domestic skills and the responsibilities of maintaining a clean environment.

Budgeting: These sessions offer the opportunity for patients to access support in managing their money both within the hospital environment and in preparation for when they move on from the service.

Self-care:  Educational groups are available to provide advice on personal care, adopting a healthy lifestyle and how to maintain physical and mental health. Individual intervention is also available.

Education: Education sessions are tailored to the need of each individual patient. This can include interventions to support the development of life skills to accessing formal qualifications through both internal and external organisations.

Planning and organisation:  We hold regular planning meetings to enable a patient to plan and organise their time and daily routine. This involves planning sessions on and off the ward and Section 17 leave.

Social group: This group provides the opportunity for patients to spend time with staff and patients from a different ward in a supportive and pro-social environment. We encourage positive communication around various topics of discussion, whilst engaging in social activities.

Community football:  We have a 7 a side hospital football team that is affiliated to the Sheffield & Hallamshire FA and play matches in the community. This group aims to promote social inclusion, whilst promoting physical health.

Walking group: This group accesses a range of environments within the local community for short and long walks to suit different fitness levels on a weekly basis.

Cycling:  This session takes place on a weekly basis around the Trans Pennine Trail. It is an opportunity to improve physical fitness, whilst enjoying the scenery of the trail.

Access to external agencies: Through our vocational pathway, links are made with external agencies to make links for leisure and voluntary opportunities that patients can aim to continue after leaving the hospital setting.

Use of public transport: We encourage patient’s independence in the use of public transport to access their desired locations. Staff will complete assessments and support patients in the use of public transport, including trains and buses.

Shop and cook:  This session aims to increase independence and daily living skills by attending a local supermarket by budgeting your money to buy ingredients and then cook a meal.

Vocational and Real Work Opportunities:  Gym Assistant, Library Assistant; Chesbuck’s Coffee Shop Assistant, Chesco’s Shop Assistant and Pond Maintenance

These vocational and Real Work Opportunities support patients in developing work skills and provide practical experience before moving onto vocational opportunities within the community.

Arts & Crafts:  This group provides you with an opportunity to engage in arts and crafts and can support you with developing new leisure/ recreational activities.

Sports and leisure:  The gym is open every day; there are a variety of different sessions to meet your individual needs. A great way to meet new people and stay fit. In addition, we have sessions doing volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis, FIFA.

Animal care:  These sessions enable patients to take responsibility for caring for, cleaning and feeding our chickens and guinea pigs within the hospital grounds. We also have dog walking sessions with the hospital's dog.

Horticulture:  These sessions are an opportunity to help look after and develop the hospital grounds, grow fruit and vegetables for cooking, and doing some manual work.

Music appreciation:  This group supports patients in developing social skills through discussion around music in a relaxed setting.

Media and discussion group:  A group offering the opportunity to discuss and debate current media stories in a therapeutic and supportive environment.

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