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Individuals who are diagnosed with Personality Disorder are likely to have certain personality traits which have developed in a way that makes it difficult to live by themselves or with other people.  It could be a combination of difficulties with thinking, feelings or behaviour that an individual may struggle to manage.  This may impact upon areas such as relationships with others, getting on with people generally, controlling feelings or behaviour, listening to others and keeping out of trouble for example.  Such difficulties can cause distress for the individual and also people with whom the individual comes into contact.    


Individuals with a Personality Disorder have previously struggled to get enough help from mental health services, however more recent research clarifies that mental health services can and should help people with such a diagnosis. 


Life can be more difficult when suffering from a personality disorder and individuals are also more likely to have other mental health problems such as drug and alcohol problems for example.  The Royal College of Psychiatrists highlight that treatment for individuals with Personality Disorder can be a combination of Psychological Treatment and/or medication. 

Caring For Our Patients

At Cheswold Park Hospital your care will be reviewed with you on a regular basis. This allows us to work together to create support and therapy options that work best for you.

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