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Cheswold Park Hospital has a dedicated team who provide person-centred holistic care for patients with Intellectual Disabilities who require a secure environment.

We support the NHS Transforming Care Principles for people with intellectual disabilities and believe in providing the ‘right support in the right place’. Our aim is for patients to be placed in the least restrictive environment for the shortest time possible and we start care planning and care delivery alongside discharge planning from point of admission. We identify and establish reasonable adjustments so that services and interventions can be accessed. We also value and encourage family and friends involvement and help patients to create community links so that long-term positive support and networks can be established.

The intellectual disability service promotes health equalities for people with intellectual disabilities, choice, independence, autonomy, empowerment,  focus on the strengths of the individual and adopt a positive behaviour support approach to behaviour that challenges. 

Caring For Our Patients

At Cheswold Park Hospital your care will be reviewed with you on a regular basis. This allows us to work together to create support and therapy options that work best for you.

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