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Our Philosophy Of Care

We recognise that our patients have often experienced significant traumatic events and distress in their lives.

We believe that each individual has the potential for recovery, personal growth and an improved quality of life.

Therefore, we endeavour to deliver Trauma Informed Care within a Trauma Informed Environment.


Our Service Is Underpinned By The Following Guiding Principles Of Trauma Informed Approach:

Trustworthiness and Transparency
Peer support
Collaboration and Mutuality
Empowerment, voice and choice

We Achieve This Through:

Effective Multi-disciplinary Team (MDT) working

Effective implementation of MDT standards and Care Programme Approach (CPA)

Individual care planning with the patient’s involvement (My Shared Pathway)

Collaborative risk assessment and risk management plans with patient involvement

High staffing ratio

Appropriate staff skill mix

Safe and therapeutic environment

Family and Carer involvement

Peer Mentoring

Use of Evidence Based Treatments

In-reach and Out-reach service where appropriate

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