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Recovery Is About Progression, Not Perfection

Our Recovery College aims to be a fun and enjoyable experience for
our students to develop their individual skills and boost their self-esteem
and confidence.

Students do this by working with staff and families to build and deliver
courses which are suggested by them. All students have the ability to
champion the recovery college and inspire others to BELIEVE & ACHIEVE

Our Courses

One of the differences with Recovery College compared to a traditional “Education College” is that all courses and pop-up sessions are co-produced. This means that both students and staff will write and deliver all courses as well as be involved in the evaluation and development process.

The benefits of this is that courses and pop ups that are offered benefit from both ‘Lived Experience’ (patient input) and ‘Learned Experience’ (staff/professional input) to ensure that everything we do is meeting the needs of all students to assist in their recovery or learning journey.


Latest News

Weekly News Bulletin 


Why Recovery College is Important

Recovery College is important as it provides an opportunity for students and staff to work together in an environment that promotes learning and development outside of a traditional classroom setting. Students enrol on to courses that will enrich their lives as they progress in their treatment journey through and beyond Cheswold Park. As the curriculum is designed by a focus group of patients, it will always be relevant to the needs of the service and the service users, with the added benefit of experienced staff to ensure that all of the courses we offer are safe, supported and successful.

How Can It

Improve Recovery

Enrolling on a Recovery College course can improve recovery by providing the essential life skills and knowledge required to lead a productive and positive life both whilst they are in hospital and once our students progress into the community. We work collaboratively with other disciplines within the service such as Occupational Therapy and Psychology as well as nursing and support staff to ensure that everything we do not only compliments our students’ treatment but also assists in other therapies that they are currently engaging in.

Recovery College Newsletter

“Thank you for taking the time to have a look through our newsletter. The newsletter is a collaborative project between Recovery College students, our social work team and Recovery College Lead. The majority of the content is decided by our students, and we hope to encourage students to get involved in the designing and production of the newsletter in the very near future”

March Newsletter

March Edition


“I enjoyed my course thoroughly and I want others to do well, so I’ve recommended it to my friends too”

Patient Testimonial


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