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What good does worrying about it do?

Most think it’s a rhetoric question...but it’s not.

If we truly think “WHAT GOOD DOES WORRYING ABOUT ANYTHING DO?” ... we would quickly realise- Absolutely nothing.

Worry does not take away the problem. It does not stop me from been infected. It does not reduce the number of people getting infected. Worry does not bring a cure.

What does worry do?: -It takes away our ability to think rationally. -It takes away our sense of control. -It steals our joy and our takes away the power to stay positive, impacting negatively on our physical and our mental health.

Worry is a time stealer, a joy taker. Worry prevents us from living in the now. Worry is a self-defeating conversation with ourselves about things we cannot change. Worry does not take the bad away but it stops us from enjoying the good.

What we can do instead: -We can choose hope. -We can control what we can. - stay indoors. Wash our hands. Practice social distancing. Practice a healthy lifestyle. -We can choose joy. -We can replace thoughts of worry with positive ones. We can decide what we have control over and what we do not and choose not to think about what we don’t.

This will end but we can choose hope before it does.

- Dr. Kikelomo Anunobi from Cheswold Park Hospital

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