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The true value of football

We would just like to share some positive news, as some of you may already be aware of over the past 2 years our hospital football team has joined forces with a local mental health and disability team called Doncaster Titans who are affiliated with Doncaster Rovers which we have created some great links with.

Well getting back to the positive news way back in September 2018 we joined the Sheffield and Hallamshire FA mental health and disability 11-a-side championship league along with other services across Yorkshire with the aim of gaining some valuable experience of playing 11 a side football on a full size pitch and building a successful team for the future. The team have massively excelled this season and have so far gone on to win 7 games in a row with the chance of becoming "The Invincibles". The final game of the season is on the 11th May and away at Sheffield FC who are a great team and they are on course to finish 2nd in our league. But with the league already wrapped up for ourselves and on our way up to the premier league it would be nice to end the season on a high and finish undefeated.

For our patients football isn’t just about playing sports it’s the social inclusion they gain, it’s about being part of a team and gaining that sense of achievement through participation and ultimately breaking down the stigma between mental health and being in the community.

Written by a member of the Occupational Therapist

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