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The Hospital's Core Values

We would like to thank all of our patients, friends & family and our clinical staff for their feedback and support for the development of our new values at Cheswold Park Hospital. By developing our core values, we are able to focus on the future and continue to strive to provide an outstanding level of care and professionalism. Our hospital values represent an important commitment to serve the best interests of our patients, their friends & family and our team members. Our updated values are sectioned into five important areas that we feel are vital for improving and raising the standards of care.

People & Families We will:

- Put the people we serve, their families and friends at the heart of everything we do. - Make their experience and perception of what we deliver a central measure of our success in the delivery of care and achievement of outcomes that matter to them. - Harness and value the experience, expertise and opinions of the people we serve and their families in their own care and within service transformation.

Mind & Body We will: - Demonstrate commitment to caring equally about mental and physical well being. - Deliver training for patients, families and staff on mental & physical healthcare. - Promote a workplace culture where health & well being is promoted.

Care & Compassion We will: - Demonstrate our compassion and caring through our action and words. - Be friendly, kind and considerate towards those we serve, families and each other. - Be a fair and diverse organization where everyone counts. - Meet people’s needs for information & involvement in care & treatment decisions.

Dignity & Respect We will: - Be polite and courteous in our communications and actions. - Recognise and value uniqueness and diversity. - Be sincere, honest and constructive in giving and receiving, feedback.

- Maintain a professional attitude and appearance. - Be relentless in our drive to reduce restrictive interventions including investing in initiatives that increase safety and reduce coercion, restraint and seclusion. - Invest and train staff in de-escalation and positive behavioural support.

Honesty & Transparency We will: - Meet people’s needs for information and involvement in all care, treatment and support decisions. - Lead and act with integrity in all we do. - Uphold the duty of candour. - Have a robust approach to learning from our mistakes. - Lead improvements based on understanding outcomes across pathways of care.

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