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Seeing the individual & not the illness

I chose to become a Mental Health Nurse to care for others and to be someone who made a difference to someone’s quality of life. I have always viewed myself as open-minded and I think this is one of the key elements in embracing those around us. I believe everyone should see the individual and not the illness. I have worked alongside patients for over 12 years and each day brings with it, new opportunities and learning experiences. The smallest contribution to a person’s treatment and care can make a huge impact on their lives, this lesson will stay with me throughout my career. More recently I have taken on the role of Clinical Educator here at Cheswold Park Hospital. My work is now tailored around the needs of the Nurses, students and services. I have a special interest in the development of others to enhance the level of care we provide for our patients. I hope that the new Nursing standards set out by NMC, are fully embraced, embedded and reflected within our day to day practice. I believe we should all become teachers within our professional communities to enhance and support the learning of others. My aim is to support and enhance a learner’s experience by creating a productive learning environment, this will also enhance the patient's journeys to recovery by upskilling our current and our upcoming workforce. We should do our best to enable people who have a mental health diagnosis to feel comfortable whilst in the company of professionals. As professional caregivers, we need to acknowledge a patient’s symptoms, but prioritise care, compassion and acceptance in all that we do.

Written by

Rachel Bennett

Registered Mental Health Nurse

& Clinical Educator

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