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Ground-breaking Study to Improve Patient Experience

Cheswold Park Hospital is pleased to announce the publication of a collaborative research paper which examined the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings carried out on one of our low secure wards. MDT meetings are an important part of patient care and play a role in reviewing treatment plans, measuring progress and decision making.

The paper was led by Dr Maggie Leese of Teesside University (then of Leeds Beckett University) and co-authored by Cheswold Park’s own Dr Kim A. Fraser.

The purpose of the paper was to examine how patients on a low secure ward experienced MDT meetings, to suggest improvements that would benefit patients and clinical teams.

Patients on our low secure ward, which specialises in personality disorders, were approached to participate in the research which used non-participant observations of the MDT meetings and interviews with the patients to gather the paper’s data.

Analysis of the data gathered in the research illuminated key areas of the MDT meetings which greatly influenced the quality of the patient’s experience. Based on these observations, the paper provides a number of recommendations to improve the patient experience of MDT meetings, with an emphasis on clearer communication and greater transparency.

Cheswold Park Hospital would like to congratulate Dr Leese and Dr Fraser on the publication of their paper and is currently implementing changes to the MDT meetings within the hospital. Cheswold park is always working to improve the patient experience.

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