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Cheswold Park Yorkshire Day

It was all about Yorkshire Day yesterday at Cheswold Park Hospital! We celebrated the day with a hospital-wide event that celebrated the best of Yorkshire! Our patients worked closely with our Occupational Therapy team to plan and set up the event which included a tea room, an indoor beach complete with a paddling pool and a “beat the goalie” competition.

There was plenty of prizes to be won from all of the different quizzes, challenges and competitions that were going on too. Whilst events like this are always a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and our patients always feedback that they have a great time, they are a brilliant opportunity for our Occupational Therapy team to observe our patients in situations we wouldn’t normally encounter in regular day-to-day occupational therapy sessions. It allows us to assess social skills, processing and problem-solving skills to name but a few. It also allows us to provide education around various subjects that are meaningful to our patients when they progress from Cheswold Park Hospital.

All this can be done in a relaxed and fun environment, whilst our patients are having a great time and socialising with peers from not only their own wards, but from other pathways. All in all, a good day was had by all!

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