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Caring For Your Mental Health During A Pandemic


We have zero control over others. We have no control over how they stockpile, how they do not take necessary precautions like hand hygiene, staying away from public places, sneezing into tissues etc. We have no control on the effect on the economy, on if we would lose our jobs,etc

Worrying, griping, talking CONSTANTLY about what we have no control over is not only time wasting and unproductive but magnifies a stressful situation. It unconsciously adds to our mental stress taking away our ability to focus on what we can control...our actions and reactions.


A lot of us feel powerless during this crisis...and rightly so. No one alive has experienced a pandemic like this. There are however things we can still do that gives us a sense of control which is vital to good mental health.

  • We can take hand washing seriously. As simple as it is works in getting rid of the virus.

  • We can take the rules seriously. Social distancing, avoidance of public places, etc

  • We can come up with inventive ways to still get our jobs done even if we cannot go out to work daily.You can actually make yourself indispensable & vital in a time of crisis. Doing what we can gives us a sense of control which gives us a sense of peace which helps our mental health.


  • Focus on the positive. Think, ‘I may not be able to see my family and friends, but I have FaceTime. ‘‘This is a time to bond with my family. ‘I’m still well and even if I’m not I can survive this’

  • Maintain your community. We need social contact. You may need to physically isolate but Social isolation is a complete NO.

  • Don’t stay glued to BBC news. Don’t spend all the time talking about the ‘gloom and doom’ of the consequences of COVID-19. The TRUTH is talking about it won’t reduce the danger..not one iota.

  • Watch a laugh out aloud inducing comedy on Netflix. Plan a dance party with your kids. Dance like a crazy woman to your favourite music. You will be surprised at how mood lifting this is .

  • Strengthen your mind and your thoughts. Listen to something positive, a good ted talk, an encouraging podcast. Read a good book. You think about what you focus on. what you.

  • Practice gratitude. Think of everything you have to be grateful for. Count your blessings. No matter how dreary the situation looks like, practicing thinking of 10 things we are grateful for strengthens our mental health.


I cannot emphasise how important this is in maintaining good mental health.

  • Try your hardest to get at least 7 hours. You Do Not get away with owning sleep any hours. You end up paying in ways you don’t want to. Sleep revitalises not only our bodies but our minds too. It gives us both physical and mental strength to face the day.

  • Exercise: We can exercise at home. There are lots of great free workout videos on Youtube. There are others offering free two week trials. Send me a message and I’ll tell you my favourite ones 😊 Exercise impacts directly on your mental health and helps strengthen your immune system and physical health to resist the virus more.

- Dr. Kikelomo Anunobi from Cheswold Park Hospital

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