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Mental Illness

A mental illness is a disease that can cause mild to severe disturbance in thought, feelings or behaviour resulting in the individual struggling to cope with daily demands of life.  Some of the more common disorders include; depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia.  Medication is used to help the most disturbing symptoms and can make it possible for other kinds of help to work.  Other treatments used together with medication include Occupational Therapy and Psychological Therapies. 


At Cheswold Park Hospital we adopt a person-centred approach which allows the individual to have influence over their recovery pathway which allows for individualised care.  We also have a variety of interventions and therapies which support an individual to focus upon their strengths and keep positively engaged in meaningful occupations. 

At Cheswold Park Hospital your care will be reviewed with you on a regular basis. This allows us to work together to create support and therapy options that work best for you.

Caring For Our Patients

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