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About Cheswold 
Park Hospital

About Cheswold Park Hospital

Cheswold Park is committed to providing outstanding levels of service to our patients. Our care options prioritise the individual’s needs with a flexible approach, within a secure environment.
Established in 2006 our purpose-built low and medium secure hospital works in partnership with the NHS to provide care for men with mental illness, personality disorder, autism and intellectual disabilities.

Our strategic goal is to work in partnership with the NHS, to develop and run (jointly or independently) a range of other facilities – hospitals, hostels or other step down facilities that provide a clear and achievable pathway for patients to gain greater control of their lives.

As a truly independent company, we are committed to developing facilities to provide treatments that are proven to be efficacious, with progress that is demonstrable to the patient, their carers, commissioners and locality teams.

If you are interested in working in partnership with us or would like further information about our company, please email

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 Quality Strategy 


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